Forest Whispers


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Spiritual development & personal growth

In their podcast series, co-authors Natalie Cooper and Sonia Wynn-Jones explore the various topics of spiritual and personal growth, covered within the book: 'Forest Whispers'.

In today’s world, being tuned into ourselves spiritually is becoming more important than ever before to keep us balanced and grounded.

Meditation, with its quietening and strengthening process, helps us face the truth, let go, move forward and continue to follow our path through life.



Spiritualism gives you what you need. The truth.

Life has progressed to such a degree and everything is so fast. Fast technology. Fast transport. We don’t have time any more to ponder things. We don’t think before we write or speak. There is no time!

To manage our lives we need some respite and this is offered to us in the form of meditation. It keeps us grounded and on an even keel, sufficiently quietened to keep up with the speed of everyday life.



An introduction to silent meditation. How can we stop burnout and fear? In this interview, Sonia Wynn-Jones discusses with Natalie Cooper, co-authors of the book 'Forest Whispers', how we can still the monkey mind while allowing space for clarity of thought.