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Welcome to Forest Whispers

We provide visionary leadership and life balance coaching.

Using nature-based creative storytelling techniques, we help leaders find a better way forward.

Improving mental wellbeing, resilience and insights of leaders. Helping you stand out as an employer of choice.

We act as a guide and can help you realise your vision and work through your goals. We take an holistic approach, looking at all aspects of an individual’s ‘work’, ‘life’, ‘balance’ because invariably they are all entwined. Our philosophy is if you can dream it and visualise it, you can achieve it.

The key is having the focus, clarity, and a clear vision. Through asking questions, we take leaders on an inner adventure. To help you see, come up with choices and know what it is you truly want to manifest. Then, what it takes to bring that vision to life.

Visionary Coaching Forest Whispers

Life balance

Retreat in nature – bringing balance into our lives

As leaders, when we bring balance into our lives, we’re more able to be emotionally present for our children, partners, families, colleagues, friends and neighbours. 

Balance stimulates creativity, allows us to be innovative and productive. To be consistent, resilient, adaptable to other challenges we may face. Instead of fighting them head on, we learn to manage them and deal with them in a far more measured way.


Storytelling techniques – using the influence of nature


Through storytelling techniques, we can become far more self-aware, and aware of the things within our lives which needs to be faced, altered or challenged. This becomes a route to inner peace and a better way forward in our lives.


We need not over analyse what surfaces from this process, nor should we doubt or second guess ourselves but accept that this is the direction in which we are meant to travel.


The ‘retreat in nature’ process can help present you with new opportunities in life in which you might otherwise have blocked yourself from doing.

Turning tides

This process can also help deal with denial, grief, loss of identity, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, burn out and stress which trap us – making us fearful to take that first step into a brighter future.

Remember we all have choice. We can choose to tread water, weighed down by fear, or we can choose to break free and overcome the adversity in which we have held captive for so long.

The story development process we offer can be life-changing. By providing a very calm yet challenging space, we can help you to reflect, explore and problem-solve to create solutions for a better way forward.

Better way forward ...

Our modern world needs to find new ways of healing, connecting to one another, living life to be more meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilled. So in society we’re not fuelled by greed, consumerism, material wealth and instant gratification. 


In our communities, families and workplaces, we have choices. We can choose to be kind to one another, we can choose to foster shared understanding as well as deepening bonds. 


We are then in a better place ourselves. We feel like smiling more, we feel more joyful and life becomes more enjoyable.







Nature is pure – woods are grounding. Forests and woods are symbolic because there is always regrowth, and change that comes with the seasons.

Using the sanctuary of ‘nature’ to pause for reflection, we can all build deeper self-awareness. The healing power of nature, can bring and unify people closer together.

Since I was a small child, the woodland has come to symbolise my inner sanctuary. It is a safe place to where I can retreat, under the canopy of trees, surrounded by wild flowers, trickling streams and the playful innocence of woodland creatures.

By retreating in nature, I always find peace, love and harmony. Nature restores balance, provides clarity and fresh perspective.

When I need to escape the rigours of life, I seek the solitude of the forest.

For if you listen, you can hear it whisper to you.

I always leave the forest with a smile and secret told.

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